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      2021ลงทะเบียนเพื่อส่งเงิน หยุดหมุน

      • E-Learning Resources

        We are now offering live virtual tours and programs that complement the Ontario Curriculum for both Elementary and Secondary. Learn More!

      • New Online Collections

        Explore MOA collections on our new Google Arts and Culture page! Explore our Collections


      The Museum of Ontario Archaeology welcomes you back as we open for pre-booked, guided tours of our galleries and the Lawson archaeologil site!

      The museum will remain closed to general walk-up admissions and large groups as we actively monitor the COVID-19 situation in the Middlesex-London community and adjust our services as required. For your safety and comfort, we offer the following services:

      • Pre-Booked tours (we require a 24-hour notice for all inquiries);
      • Online pre-booking and touch-free payment;
      • No more than 5 visitors at a time;
      • Restroom facilities for visitors;
      • Sanitation stations;
      • Masked tour-guides are screened for COVID-19 symptoms daily.

      When you book your tour, we will request some personal information for the purpose of contact-tracing, but that information will not be shared with anyone but health or other authorities in the event of a diagnosis.

      We look forward to your visit!

      Welcome to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.  We are dedited connecting people to the stories of the human experience through time and place. It is our mission to share, interpret, and re for the archaeologil record to advance an understanding of Ontario’s Heritage.

      Order your Winter Break mp Kit by December 15th

      Learn More!

      Explore our Online Resources

      Explore Ontario’s archaeologil heritage with our virtual exhibits online!

      Enjoy access to our online collections through the collaboration between the Museum and Google Arts and Culture.

      Stay engaged this summer with online Kids Crafts and Activities!

      Online Kids Crafts & Activities: Daily Archaeology related Fun on Facebook Live!

      Curriculum based Resources for Edutors – adapted for e-learning during the COVID-19 closures.


      Help keep the Museum strong so we n keep sharing the thrill of discovery!

      Please enjoy the MOA Museum Audio Guide during your visit

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